Salted French Fries

Piri Piri FriesVegan£2.95

Salted French Fries with piri piri seasoning

Cheesy ChipsVegetarian£3.95

Salted French Fries with cheese sauce

Sweet Potato FriesVegan£3.95

Halloumi FriesVegetarian/Gluten Free£5.95

Deep fried battered halloumi sticks with sweet chilli dip sauce

AceitunasVegan/Gluten Free£3.95

Spanish mixed olives

Ensalada MixtaVegan/Gluten Free£3.95

Mixed salad

Nachos 4 SalsasVegetarian£6.95

Tortilla chips with cheese sauce, guacamole, sour cream, our homemade salsa, jalapenos and spring onions

Mixed bread with dips and hummusVegetarian£4.50

Mixed bread with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, alioli and homemade hummus

Hummus y AceitunasVegetarian£5.55

Homemade hummus and olives served with warm bread

Garlic BreadVegetarian£3.75

Add cheese for £0.80